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Saturday, April 12, 2008

OK to Exhale...

I did it!!! I can't believe I pulled this job off successfully! Today's catering sales beat an all time record! In addition to my huge catering order at GA State this morning, I also fed all of the guests of the Residence Inn and hundreds of hungry folks at the wedding. As I mentioned yesterday, I had a staff of 5 today, and they really buckled down and performed their duties perfectly.

The wedding was incredible-- it was held in the Fulton County Government building's atrium. I would've never thought of that space for a wedding, but it worked. The bride and groom were extremely happy and satisfied with our food and service, and tipped accordingly!!!

We had nine 8' table to work with. When I saw the empty tables lined up, I was afraid that we could never fill them and our food would look skimpy. But it turns out that we filled every inch of the buffet line, and even had four more tables of food in another section of the building-- plus a coffee/ tea station located nearby. They were a hungry crowd too! There were very few leftovers!

It was a long day and I'm exhausted. I worked 18 hours nonstop today. I was around food all day long-- did I eat anything? No-- I was way too busy! I did sample one bite of our Broccoli Medley, but that's the only nourishment my body was treated to.

At least now I can mark this one off as another success. I don't have any more wedding miracles to pull off until late August.

Congratulations, Kendra & Brock!


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