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Sunday, August 20, 2006

As BB Turns....

Well, my wish came true last week on Big Brother 7 Allstars-- Marcellas was evicted. Hope his butt didn't hurt too badly as the door slammed on it on his way out! He's probably a delightful guy in real life, but on the show he came off as a pompous ass with a "better than thou" attitude. Glad he's gone and life in the big Brother house can move on.

That same night, Chicken George won the Head of Household competition and had to nominate 2 houseguest for eviction on the spot. In BB history, the HOH has been given a couple of days to strategize their nominations. Not so this week- it's a double elimination week and someone will be evicted tonight and again on Thursday.

Chicken George didn't have a chance to think for very long and he nominated James and Erika. I'm rooting for James to win this time. Mostly because he's from Atlanta, and also because he's hot and he often goes around the house shirtless. I also agree with him that his alliance with the Season 6 alumni was faltering and he needed to jump ship before he became a victim.

Erika-- hmmm, what can I say. I don't dislike her, but I often forget that she's even part of the game. She seems nice and I've never seen her argue or cause a problem in the house. I wouldn't be sad to see her go, though. She doesn't add anything to the show, besides being a pretty woman.

Time will only tell who is evicted. In less than two hours, James or Erika will do the walk of shame to the couch to be interviewed by Julie Chen on the way out of the BB house. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Erika will be the one to go.


Blogger epgraves said...

Do you happen to know what happened on Hells Kitchen? I think I missed the final episode and really only started watching recently.

1:40 PM

Blogger Brian said...

I kind of lost interest in it after the 1st couple of episodes this year. I know it came down to two girls- Virginia and another girl. Virginia didn't win, the other one did. Sorry I can't be much help.

5:01 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

So Heather won, GOOD!
Virginia lost me after she said she was going to take herself out only to back out when Ramsey gave her the choice to stay. That and she constantly whined and cried and the fact that Ramsey let on to some kind of kinky favor he had for her.

6:07 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Whatever kinky favor she got, it's probably ALL she got for being the winner. I've heard from 2 inside sources that the show does not follow through with their promise of giving the winner their own restaurant. Ever wonder why they never do a follow-up segment on the previous winner. Michael? He didn't win a restaurant. Instead of the restaurant, he was also promised a year long internship with Chef Ramsey, but he didn't get that either. I lost all respect for the show when I learned this info.

9:03 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

NO, Virginia the loose was the one that got the kinky favor, not the winner. What I mean by kinky favor is he seemed to give her favoritism. Like a teachers pet.

That sucks if they don't get a restaurant and after watching the show, I don't see anything special about the way they prepare the food. Kinda un appealing.

9:07 PM


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