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Thursday, August 17, 2006


I found a friend! I started out by searching for people that I graduated high school with. I found a guy that was in my same class (Mike). I asked him for his last name and he responded with the last name Estes. I couldn't draw any high school memories of a guy named Mike Estes, but I did remember a guy from 1st grade with the same name. I took a chance and asked Mike if he went to Chapel Hill Elementary School in Dekalb County. It turns out that he did. The guy I've been chatting with all week turns out to be a kid that I knew when I was about 7 years old. My mother was the real estate agent that sold his house when his family moved to Lilburn. I have memories of hanging out at his house and I particularly remember that he had a pool table in the basement, and the pool room had grasscloth/bamboo wall paper. I asked if that was true and he responded that he did have a grass-clothed pool room in the basement. How cool that I happened to run into a childhood friend after 33 years? How weird that we went to high school together and never made the connection that we were friends when we were kids? I remember thinking that he was very attractive when I was a kid-- 33 years later I see his picture on MySpace and he's still hot! He's gay and single, so maybe we'll meet again someday. For the time being, I feel like I'm playing head games with him- I remember lots about him as a kid, and he has no memory of me. He was my childhood crush and I found him by accident on MySpace.com. How cool is that?
What's next?? Maybe I'll be able to find Billy Dale, or Drew Fields- my other childhood crushes! The internet is a wonderful thing, huh?


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