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Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Low-key Lunch" for Justin

Timberlake in sync with low-key lunch
By RICHARD L. ELDREDGE Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Normally, performers who gig at Philips Arena and book Pink as their opening act don’t stroll into the Flying Biscuit Cafe in Midtown for lunch. That’s the primary reason we might now discreetly download a Justin Timberlake album.

Before his concert in town Tuesday, the pop star and YouTube “[Junk] in a Box” video sensation shocked noontime patrons when he casually turned up at the, um, intimate eatery.
He ordered the Flying Biscuit Breakfast with eggs over easy, “creamy dreamy” grits, chicken sage sausage, large orange juice, coffee and the restaurant’s trademark baked good.
Timberlake arrived wearing a green tracksuit, bluejeans, white sneakers and black sunglasses, which he promptly removed once inside.
“Yeah, there’s no place to hide when you come here,” Biscuit assistant manager Allie Rader told us, referring to the restaurant’s size. “He was just very sweet.”
“When you come in, you’re just seated regularly, along with everyone else,” Biscuit founder Delia Champion told Buzz on Tuesday. “We like to say that nothing is special and everything is special at the Biscuit.”
Still, the eatery’s wait staff is trained not to call attention to the famous, gossip about them with other patrons or request autographs.
Said Champion: “He got in and out without a lot of commotion and not a lot of hoopla.”


Blogger Daphne Ruth Jenkins said...

Honey, if I'd been there he would never have gotten "in and out without a lot of hoopla". He can bring the sexy back on me anytime.


5:49 PM


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